A Clinical Hypnosis Primer

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The 2009 re-release is a respected resource for individuals seeking a foundation in the theory and practice of hypnosis. This expanded edition provides a thorough background for those seeking training in hypnosis. This book has been used for graduate university medical and graduate school courses in clinical hypnosis as well as information source for the general public.

This classic work is the definitive introduction to the many uses of hypnosis in medicine, psychology, and dentistry. This book is designed to introduce hypnosis to the general public and to help health care professionals safely and confidently use hypnosis. This book provides valuable background information as well as practical instruction on hypnotic techniques. Offers a wide variety of proven induction techniques and includes easy-to-follow instructions for such proven approaches as the movie method, clenched fist induction, the coin technique, the confusion technique, and many others. Also contains practical information on what to look for in a patient's words and actions to verify that a trance has been induced.

Up-to-date, concise, yet comprehensive...this [book] is a state-of-the-art presentation of what we know and how we practice hypnosis today. I now have a quality single-source reference which I can recommend with assurance to colleagues, students, and interested lay persons --Melvin A. Gravitz, Ph.D., Past President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

A work of this importance surfaces only once in a blue moon. As a comprehensive introduction to hypnosis for the professional, one would have to look hard to find an equal...really good reading...outstanding. Written in plain, non-technical English. One of those few books that will stay within arm's reach. --Hypnotherapy Today

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A rich storehouse of information...practical word-by-word induction techniques not only for inducing hypnosis, but also for treating various clinical conditions...truly a 'tour de force.' --William S. Koger, M.D., Author of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis