AIM Strategy for Optimal Achievement

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This CD companion to the Hyper-Performance book is the essential home practice component of the principles outlined the the book.  It is narrated by the authors and provides the essential information for becoming an optimal performer in the workplace and in life. The A.I.M. strategy involves active relaxation, imagery and visualization of targeted goals and mental rehearsal of the steps along the away. Subconscious exercises will keep you goal-oriented, motivated and balanced.

Super-Achievers are made, not born - and you can become one, too. Using top athletic training and competition models, Drs. Pratt and Korn demonstrate how you as a business person, can achieve better job performance and enhance personal power and satisfaction. Their A.I.M. Strategy, a complete fitness program for your mind, will strengthen your business skills the way exercise strengthens your body. This CD version has been created from the cassette program originally released in 1988 by publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., of New York and companion to the book, Hyper-Performance: The AIM Strategy for Releasing Your Business Potential. Tracks 3 and 4 feature subconscious/motivational exercises which keep you goal-oriented, motivated and relaxed. Listen to these profiles and strategies of hyper-performance and join the business elite who operate at a level beyond stress.

Track Listing:

  1  Introduction to the AIM Strategy
  2  Using AIM to Become a Hyper-Performer
  3  Using the AIM Strategy - Stress
  4  Using AIM - Active Relaxation
  5  Using the AIM Strategy - Imagery
  6  Using the AIM Strategy - Mental Rehersal
  7  Traits of  Hyper-Performers
  8  Using the AIM Strategy - Take Control
  9  Relaxation Exercise 1
10  Relaxation Exercise 2
11  Imagery - Eye Exercise
12  Mental Rehearsal - Personal Power
13  Mental Rehearsal - Presentation
14  Mental Rehearsal - Creativity
15  Conclusion

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