Rx for Stress

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This CD provides a progressive muscle relaxation exercise on one track and a guided imagery experience for deep relaxation on the other track. This CD provides a powerful set of stress reduction tools that are useful for everyone to relieve stress, anxiety, as well as to improve sleep quality.

Relieve stress, muscle tension and anxiety - Improve your sleep, mood, and self-control - Function more effectively under stress. This CD contains two audio exercises that include voice with calming ocean background. Stress is a part of living, however, when stress results in physical or emotional signals indicating your body or mental processes are being overloaded, it is time to take action. Research has shown that when excessive stress continues for a period of time the body begins to show signs of distress. If left unchecked, excessive stress affects many physical and mental processes and even depresses immune system functioning resulting in disease. In fact, specialists often refer to excessive stress as the disease of civilization because many of the stressors that we face today were unknown in the earlier history of human beings. A response to stress known as the fight, flight or freeze or adrenalin response is a survival mechanism that allows us to respond to threats in our environment. However, our civilized life seldom presents perceived dangers that can be successfully dealt with by fighting, fleeing or freezing. More often we sit and stew in the stress of our daily lives and it is precisely this inability to discharge or release tension and pressure that causes the problems associated with excessive stress. Scientists, such as Herbert Benson, M.D., a Harvard Medical School researcher, have found that specific active techniques provide a prescription for transforming the stress response into a relaxation response. Some simple measures and exercises, such as those contained on this CD, provide relief from both acute and chronic stress.

Track listing:

  1. Sensory Relaxation
  2. Imagery & Cues

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