Emotional Fitness System: Freedom from Anxiety

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Freedom From Anxiety contains a DVD instructional video and a CD Hypnotic Meditation to create a series of exercises that work together to create in your mind an body, the environment in which powerful healing and growth can occur.

Utilizing tools from Energy Psychology and what we know about the power of the subconscious and conscious minds, Dr. Pratt has created a series of exercises which are designed to work together -- to create, in your mind and body,...  the environment in which powerful healing can occur.

The tapping exercises activate the body’s energy system to help  initiate an electrical current.  With the central nervous system engaged, we use the body’s energy system with  the tapping exercises, to help clear old stuck problems and emotions, and replace them with positive beliefs.

The hypnotic meditation session will help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.  Healing occurs at the parasympathetic level so it is essential to achieve a deep state of relaxation to help install the positive beliefs about anxiety, that will help us realize the healing, success and joy that we desire.

Use this program to maximum effect by completing the tapping exercise followed by the hypnotic meditation exercise.  The tapping helps clear resistance, removes blocks and trapped emotions, installs the positive beliefs, and amplifies the effect of the hypnotic meditation.  You can benefit from each of these exercises individually; however, used together, these exercises multiply the benefits gained ... for far greater effect.